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Control surfaces can be tricky and sometimes down right frustrating. Here are some tips that will help you save time and money setting up your control surfaces.

Drilling Servo & Control Horns: Take a scrap piece of the pushrod the same size your going to use for your project. File down the tip to a chisel like point with a slight angle. These make great drills of the perfect proportion. A dremal with a sanding drum makes quick work of filing the chisel point. Submitted by Maximillion

Z-Bends:  Use Z bends at the servo side of the pushrods instead of at the control horn. If for any reason you must remove the pushrod, it is much easier to remove the servo horn and disconnect the pushrod then to unscrew the servo horns from the control surfaces. Submitted by Maximillion

Perfect Push-Rod Length: Thread the push-rod in to the clevis where half of the treads are above and below the main clevis body. Turn your radio on and make sure all radio trims and servo arms are centered. Attach the clevis to the control surface and lay the other side of the control rod across the servo arm hole you are going to use. Mark this with a black felt tip, remove control rod, and make your Z-bend using the previous mark you just made. Reinstall your push-rod and make adjustments as needed with clevis. Submitted by Maximillion

2-56 & 4-40 Die: An inexpensive die handle and die for 2-56 or 4-40 size pushrods (or what ever sizes you use the most) is a great time saver for those who use Z bends. If you’ve ever made a Z bend and found the pushrod to be to long for instance, you can cut longer running threads and then snip the pushrod to the appropriate length. Submitted by Maximillion

More Die Tips: Ever buy 12 inch pushrods for your wing setup? You can buy pushrods that are 36 inches long for about 7 cents more. With a die you can make 2 to 3 pushrods or any custom odd size (like throttle) you need from the scrap rod left over. Submitted by Maximillion

Another Die Tip: would you like to use a clevis on both sides of your pushrods? With a die it make the task easy. No more soldering threadles clevises on to steel rod or having to buy expensive nylon pushrods to accomplish the same result, use inexpensive steel rod. Submitted by Maximillion

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