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Recker RC Club

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History of our Club

The Recker R/C Club was formed back in 1987 and was first know as Recker Road R/C Club. This was due to the field being located on Recker Rd. just off of Pemberville Rd. Before that time, the field was owned and operated by the Weak Signals of Toledo OH. and was at that time called the South Field. The Weak Signals having two fields at the time decided the South Field was no longer needed. Members who appreciated the simplicity and location of the South Field, decided to take over the field from the Weak Signals, and Recker Road R/C Club was born.

Recker Road R/C Club applied for and was accepted as an official AMA Chartered Club. The 34 original charter members (which many are still members today) had a dream of simple fun in the sun, remote control flying enjoyment. A field where aero-modelers could come and enjoy camaraderie and good clean family fun, sans the worry of community field service. No grass to mow, No mandatory meetings to attend, and where all were welcome.

Recker Road R/C Club and its members spent the next decade advancing the enjoyment of R/C with club member volunteered services like: preflight safety inspections, aircraft trim flights, allowing several guest visits (or uses of the field), and free flight training for new members.

In 1997 the lease was lost to land development and Recker Road R/C Club had to setup temporary accommodations at a full scale grass airstrip near Stony Ridge OH. Soon after a site was found just off of RT 20 on Fostoria Rd. Six acres of farm field just waiting to become the home to the displaced Recker Road R/C Club. After about a year of preparation the renamed "Recker R/C Club" was opened and has been ever since.

At this time the club stands with 75 paid members, all with the same fly for fun attitude. The field is open from 9am to 9pm year round where members still enjoy the benefits of Free flight training, No grass to mow, No mandatory meetings to attend, and where all were welcome!

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