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Though the items under support equipment are in my opinion must haves, there are some other items you might what to take to the field or acquire at a latter date. These optional support Items make life a little easier or can save the day in some cases.

Field Charger. A quality field charger can really be a life savor. I have on several occasions inadvertently flipped a switch by accident and reached the field with a dead radio or plane battery. A quick charger can have your plane or radio up and running quickly.

Ball Link Drivers. Ball link drivers are screw drivers with hex head shaped ball ends. With these ball end you do not have to hold the driver vertically with the screw, they will allow you to remove hex head screws at angles up to 25 degrees. This is useful when trying to tighten screws or bolts that something in the way e.g. motor mount screws where cooling fins or muffler heads won’t allow you to hold a driver vertically.

Dead Center Hole Locator. Used to make a perfectly centered mark in holes for drilling e.g. motor mounts, servos, landing gear and more. The dead center hole locator is a tool I put off purchasing for years. For such an inexpensive tool this was a terrible mistake. The amount of time saved and the ease of use is well worth the investment.

Lead Weights. Even though you balance your plane at the shop. You may find you need to make further adjustments at the field. Carrying some lead weight like the type used to balance mag wheels works great. They have double sided foam tape that will hod to your covering quite well. If you place some on the firewall, screw it down. The fuel residue will loosen the tape and it will fall off.

X-Acto Knife and Glues. Everyone one should have these on hand for small fixes that will occur here and there.

Clear Packaging Tape. Keeping a roll of clear packaging tape like that used on cardboard boxes in the glove compartment is handy. If a small hole develops form removing your plane form your the (hanger rash) car, you can place a piece of tape over it and continue to enjoy your flying session.

Extra fuel line. This is always handy to have at the field. Small tears or holes may develop in your fuel line causing your motor to run lean.

Extra Servo Arms and screws. From time to time a servo arm may break or a servo screw is lost in the grass during maintenance. Having these will save your flying session.

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