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Basic Motor Parts

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Before breaking in your motor. There are some important things to know and do.

Learn the parts of your motor.  click on the title to see photo of motor parts. Below is a list of parts on a typical glow motor. Understanding where these parts are will help you understand the instructions your about to receive or the tips your going to read. the article after the parts description is based on questions I’m asked most by new students or points that I like to explain that might not seem clear after reading the owners manual. If you are very familiar to the different parts of a glow motor please skip down to the article "Before Break-in" These explanations are geared to the very beginner and are of the simplest kind. More detailed or technical information can be researched further in many books about R/C or from the manufactures web-site.

Thrust Washer: The washer used along with the prop nut to help protect and hold the propeller on to the motor.

Carburetor: usually located on the front of the motor. It has an opening which allows air to enter and mix with the fuel.

Throttle Arm: Usually located on the right side of the carburetor. When moved back and forth this advances carburetor barrel open and closed

Carburetor Barrel: looking inside the air intake of the carburetor move the throttle arm back and forth, you’ll see a round cylinder with a machined hole through it. As you move the throttle back and forth the hole opens and closes. This is the Carburetor Barrel.

High and Low Throttle: when the carburetor barrel hole is completely open this is the high throttle position. When the barrel hole is almost closed (1/8 to 1/16 open) this is low throttle. Completely closing the barrel will turn the motor off.

Back Plate: The metal covering on the very rear of the motor usual held on by 4 screws, though some screw on.

High Speed Needle: This is mostly located in two different areas. On the left side of the carburetor (looking at it from the rear forward) itself or on the left side of the motor attached to the back plate.

Low Speed Needle: most are hidden or recessed in the throttle arm. Looking at the motor from the side there is a small straight edge screw right dead center of the throttle arm. Though it may look like a screw to hold down the throttle, in fact this is the low end needle valve. upon further inspection you will probably find a small set screw or thin nut holding the throttle arm on.

Glow Plug: this resembles a miniature spark plug and sits on the very top of the motor. Some are positioned towards the rear of the motor or angled slightly back to help keep fingers out or away from the propeller. When power is added to the glow plug with a glow plug driver, it should glow bright orange.

Ni Starter / Glow Plug Driver: a device with a built in battery or wires that hooked to a battery, used to supply power to the glow plug for starting.

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