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Recker RC Club

September 04 Newsletter

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August 2004                                 Editor; Ed Jacobs
                                            Vol. XVI  Issue VII

Our Next Meeting
Will be on Wednesday September 15, 2004, at 7:00P.M. at our club's flying field, weather permitting.   No alternate site has been designated at this time.  Arrangements will be made at the site should the weather force us to do so.   
You may wish to bring a deck chair to sit so you don't have to stand or sit on the damp ground.

At This Meeting    
We will be accepting nominations once again from the floor for Club President, Vice President, Membership Secretary/Treasuer, Field Boss/Safety Officer, Recording Secretary.  The term for each of these positions is one year and you need only be a paid up member to qualify for the office.  If you think you know of someone who would do justice to the position all you need do is make the nomination when the president opens the floor and calls for the nominations, you may even volenteer your nomination if you wish to do so.

                                                           Recker R/C Club   
                                  Meeting Minutes

                                  August 18,2004

The August meeting of the Recker R/C Club was held at the club field on August 18, 2004.  The meeting was called to order at 7:00 P.M. by President Bill Dewey. 

Roll Call: Membership Secretary, Gary Billmaier did not call the roll because only a few members were present.  The head count for the evening was 17 members present.  Gary reported that as of this date the club has 74 paid up members, and also reported that a year ago at this time the club had 90 members. 

Treasurers Report: Treasurer Gary Billmaier, reported that the club is solvent and that all bills including the July grass cutting have been paid.  The only outstanding bill is for the most recent grass cutting (August) which has not been received as of this date.  The total cost of mowing for July was $255.00. 

Old Business: President Bill Dewey reported the scanned has been returned and the club has received the $200.00 which has been deposited in the savings account.  The cleaning of the Port-A-Potty will be taken care of this week.

Meetings (proposed new schedule).  John Schell was asked to inform the members present about the proposed meeting agenda.  Under the submitted proposal, there would be no regular meetings scheduled during the months of Nov. Dec., Jan., Feb. Mar., and Apr. the Oct. Meeting would be a voters meeting to elect new officers.  The meeting would be held at the Ideal Bakery in Gibsonberg, Ohio and would double as a Pizza Feast for the club members.  It was proposed by John that the club pay for the Pizza Feast in order to encourage more members to attend.  Motion, Gary Billmaier, 2nd. Jerry McNutt, Motion passed.

Newsletter: It was suggested that if there were to be no meetings in the months specified above that the newsletter not be published during that time. 

Yearly Dues: It was suggested that the time frame for paying membership dues be changed.  It was proposed by Treasurer Gary Billmaier that a copy of the members AMA Card and their membership dues be sent to him in January, If this date created some problems with any of the members, It was agreered that the dues and card be submitted no later than March to retain membership in the club.

Driveway stone: Ed Grabenstetter, reported that the driveway will still need more stone, but suggested that the club hold off until next year to see just how much the stone settles during the winter months.  Ed feels that it will take two more loads to finish off this project and that there will be some low spots created during the wet season.

It was reported that there has been stones from the driveway showing up in the grass.  It was not known for sure if this is being caused by a person or persons spinning their wheels when leaving.  It was reported by a few members tonight that at different times the children of some of the club members who were playing in the driveway and were observed throwing stones in the grassy areas.  A few members reported that they have spent their time picking up stones which they found in the grass.  Stones and lawnmowers are not a good combination.  It was asked that members whom bring their children to the flying field instruct them that the stones should remain in the driveway.

Club Officers: Because of the low attendance at the August meeting, a full slate of officers was not to be had.  The following people have been nominated for some of the club offices.  Vice President: Ted Csizek, Secretary/Treasurer: Gary Billmaier, Recording Secretary: Jim Schneider, Field Boss/Safety Officer: Ed Grabenstetter.  Newspaper Editor: Ed Jacobs.  The office of President has yet to be filled.  It is hoped that at the September meeting the attendance will be much improved and a full slate can be had.

Meeting adjourned: At 7:30 Motion: John Schell, 2nd. Bill Dewey, Motion carried


That's All I Have
At this time, hope to see you at the meeting or field.
Ed Jacobs/ 419-693-8404