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Recker RC Club

March 05 Newsletter
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Recker R/C Club Newsletter
                           March 16, 2005
Our Next Meeting:
Will be on Wednesday, March 16, 2005 at 6:30 P.M. at Ralphie's in Perrysburg Oh. 
On Holiday In Drive off SR 20 near the I-75, Perrysburg exit.  Ralphie's is located right behind the BP Station, so I am told.
It may also be necessary to have our meeting indoors again for our April meeting unless the weather is unseasonably warm and windless, so we must conduct ourselves as civil airman that we are and perhaps Ralphie's will be glad to have us back again.
To bring you up to date I am presenting a copy of the last memo sent to you in Dec 2004 along with a copy of the minutes from the last meeting held at the Ideal Bakery in Gibsonburg last October.
The following is a portion of an email that was sent to me by Club Membership Secretary and Treasurer, Gary Billmaier.  In it he is requesting a special mailing to notify all members of a change in his address and instructions for mailing your information. He is now in his new home and has a new address for you.
I think you should send the new membership address out once or twice throughout the months of Dec. and Jan. My mail will be forward from the old address. Please remind everyone to send a copy of their AMA card, E-Mail address and phone number.
Please remember to include your email address, if you have one and your phone number when sending Gary the information that he requested.  If you have already sent him your dues and AMA info, please see to it that he gets the other information that he needs.  He would be glad to hear from you at the phone number above.  Gary would like to update our club roster.  By doing so, it will help the both of us in corresponding with you.  Remember also, that when you change your address or other info, please let us both know.
                                             Recker R/C Club
                                             Meeting Minutes
                                             October 20, 2004
The October meeting of the Recker R/C Club was held at the Ideal Bakery in Gibsonburg Ohio on October 20, 2004.        
Roll Call,
Treasurers Report,
Gary Billmaier.  Gary had a previous obligation and was not present.  There was no roll call or treasurers report.  There was a head count and the count was 21 members present.
New Business: Club election night.  The remaining office not filled as this date was that of the President.  Nominations from the floor were accepted at this time.  The names submitted were Ernie Zam and John Schell.  The members present were asked for a vocal vote, and Ernie Zam was elected as the new President.

Field Report: Ed Grabenstetter reported that antifreeze was added to the port-a-potty to prevent freezing of the chemicals.  It was noted that the tables will be moved under the shelter to protect them from the bad weather.

John Schell suggested that the frequency box be moved inside the shelter facility because the back of the box is showing signs of water damage.  It was also suggested that the a new back be attached to same that would be water proof.  An another suggestion was that there be a bulletin board installed to provide a club information source.

Old Business:
Spot landing winner.  A series of photos were passed around to the members present showing an airplane (Flying King) belonging to Ted Csizek entangled in the safety netting at one of the pilot flying stations.  The photo also showed Ted looking very calm and sedate as he viewed his spot landing expertise.
Miscellaneous Business: Ken Moore offered a Tartin gas engine to anyone who wanted it.  Bob Harrison said he was interested and since he was the only voice heard, Bob took the engine home.  The engine has been reworked by a man in Florida to burn Methyl Alcohol and Caster Oil (8oz. of caster to 1 gallon of menthol Alcohol) Ken said it is a little difficult to get started but once started it is a very good running engine.  The engine has a Walbro carburator and requires a 15 to 16 inch prop.

Motion to adjourn meeting:
Motion 7:20 by Mel Meade, 2nd. Bill Metzger.


That's All I Have    
At this time.  After the meeting there was Pizza and soft drinks compliments of the Recker R/C Club.  The next meeting will be in March of 2005.  More information will be sent to the members prior to that date.  Dues for the 2005 year will be accepted anytime after January 1st. 2005 and prior to the March 16, 2005 meeting.
Keep thinking, Spring!............(I think we need to concentrate a little harder)  ...... ed jacobs