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Recker RC Club

Breaking in ringed motors

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Engine Break-in

Engine setup and running can seem like a daunting task to the new modeler, but with a good break-in and some simple tips you should be able to get your motor running well. Follow these break-in tips to achieve a better running motor and insure a longer running life.

After having read the owners manual (you did read the manual didn’t you?) and installing your motor on a test stand, you are ready to start the engine for the first time and break it in.

Keep in mind that newer ABC type motors are broken in slightly different then non-ABC or ringed types. In not wanting to write a technical engineering motor manual (many have already done so) The reason for the different break in procedures are the difference between standard ringed and ABC non-ringed motors. The engines piston and sleeve are made to different specifications and usually shaped differently. Without a ringed piston the ABC piston and sleeve are meant to ware in together to tight tolerances. Most ABC engines are very tight to begin with especially at the top of the piston rotation. This is normal. As the motor reaches operating temperatures, the head will expand slightly. For this and other reasons, many ABC motors must be broken in running slightly leaner then ringed engines. Some ABC motors can actually be ruined by running them to rich during break in. Now knowing this, don’t you want to read the owners manual???? Hehehe thought so.

Breaking in most engines will take about an hour. Seasoned pilots will take less time due to experience in hearing sound differences as well as other important factors. If your new don’t take short cuts. I’ve personally seen people burn out a brand new engine after one flying season with a badly set up and lean motor.

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