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Recker RC Club

Electric Vs. Glow

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Cost: Electric vs. Glow

The cost difference between electric and glow can be very substantial at first. The largest initial expense is usually the batteries. Take two different planes, one electric and one glow. Both can cost the same, both can have say a 15 minute flight time, but to have a flying session of say 5 flights with electric means you will ether need 5 battery packs or a quick field charger. If battery packs cost $40 dollars each, then you have $200 dollars in batteries. With the glow setup you buy a gallon of fuel for $15 dollars and get to fly with no recharging to worry about, but if you go through 15 gallons of fuel each season, you would have spent the same on glow fuel as you would on batteries, once the batteries are bought they can give you years of service with no fuel to buy. In the long run it has been proven to be cheaper to go electric.

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